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Examine the whole body carefully every day, checking especially those areas where sores are most likely to occur. At first it is important that the person turn, or be turned, at least every 2 hours, day and night. Wash it gently with clean or boiled water twice a day.

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Pressure Sores

If it hurts in one of the spots marked with an X, it may be a pressure sore. Infections in deep pressure sores often get into the blood and affect the whole body, causing fever and general illness. This could tear weakened flesh and make the sore inside bigger. So she moves or rolls over, and pressure sores are avoided. Then soak a sterile cloth or gauze with 'milk' from the trunk or green fruit of a papaya plant and pack this into the sore.

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If the sore does not get better, or keeps draining liquid or pus from a deep hole, the bone may be infected. Pressure sores, or 'bed ores', are sores that form over bony parts of the body when a person lies or sits on that part of the body for too long without moving. Therefore, it is important that families of spinal cord injured persons, and the persons themselves, learn as early as possible about the prevention and early treatment of pressure sores, and take all the needed steps.

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